Granular material flowmeter

Semi-automated measurement of powder flow rates through apertures
  • Principle

    Granuflow is a semi-automated instrument to measure quickly and precisely the mass flow of granular material passing through holes of various diameters.

    Flow rates can be analysed versus the holes diameters in agreement with Beverloo’s law to determine the minimal diameter of flow for a granular material.

  • Key Benefits

    The measurement of mass flow through the various holes doesn’t require any disassembling and cleaning of the instrument.

    The configuration of Granuflow can be adapted to meet a wide range of cell capacities (from milliliters to liters).

    Through the simplicity of its design, Granuflow maximizes uptime. It is made out of modules, each of them can be swapped to avoid extensive diagnostics.

  • Description

    Granuflow combines a stainless steel cell of 500ml capacity and a rotating plate with 7 different holes with diameters from 4 to 34 mm. Holes diameters are manually increased while the measurement takes place.

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