Cohesive Granular Materials Seminar @Udine, Italy

Granutools – Cohesive Granular Materials Seminar

Geoffroy Lumay will give 6 lectures at the Cohesive Granular Materials Seminar on May 27-31 in Udine, Italy.


Although the fabrication of countless goods and several fields require cohesive materials, we have to face a significant drawback.
It is that the cohesive effect has quite an important impact on powders flowability.

The main purpose of this seminar is to offer an outline of cohesive powders knowledge.


Geoffroy Lumay will give 6 lectures at the advanced school “Cohesive Granular Material, Description and Flowing Properties”.

Our instruments have been designed according to the fundamental principles presented in these lectures.
They are a perfect illustration of closing the gap between fundamental powder properties and applied industrial use.

Cohesive Granular Materials Seminar 2019 in Udine banner

GranutoolsAll we do is powder flow characterization.

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