Research Pharm @Vienna, Austria


Martin Laloux and Naveen Tripathi will both attend Research Pharm, PBP World Meeting, on March 23-26, 2020.


In brief, PBP 12th World Meeting will mainly focus on Pharmaceutics, Biopharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology.

This meeting will gather young and also experienced scientists to share their latest discoveries and researches. Its main goal is to make people working or studying Pharmaceutics Technologies share their knowledge.


While at PBP World Meeting, do not miss Naveen Tripathi’s poster presentation!

Presentation title : “Does Magnesium Stearate influence the electrical charge of lactose powder?”


They will gladly welcome you at BOOTH 23!

granutools pbp world meeting research pharm booth 23

Granutools – All we do is powder flow characterization.