PGBSIA 2020 @Patiala, India


Naveen Tripathi and Abdallah Rady will attend the Third International Conference and Exhibition on Powder, Granule and Bulk Solids : Innovations and Applications
on 26 – 29 February, in Patiala, India.

In a few words, PGBSIA will focus on various fields, such as : particle synthesis, preparation, characterization, measurement, application of powder
technology in manufacturing and additive manufacturing, etc.

You definitely should attend this conference if you work in :

  • Pharma industries
  • Additive manufacturing industries
  • Food process industries
  • Powder handling industries

You should also really attend PGBSIA if you are either a Material scientist or a student with an interest to learn more about powder flow characterization.

In addition, do not miss Naveen Tripathi’s pre-conference workshop on 26th February from 9.30 AM to 4 PM. The workshop will focus on “Resolving Powder Flow Problems: Powder and Granular Material Handling Industries”.

He will also give a paper presentation on 27th February during the 3rd session focusing on Flow Properties and Characterization.
His paper presentation will focus on the “Influence of metallic powder characteristics on spreadability, triboelectricity and packing dynamics in Additive Manufacturing processes”.

Please also note that industries are welcome to bring their samples to have a practical feeling with GranuTools instruments!


See you there!


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