Granular material electric charge analyzer

Electrostatic charge measurement of a flowing powder on a surface
  • Principle

    Granucharge is an automated instrument able to measure quickly and precisely the charge buildup inside a powder while flowing on surfaces of various nature.

    The electric charge density of a powder is measured with a customized Faraday cup after a controlled flow inside a vibrating conduit with a particular V-shape. The system is designed to obtain precise and reproducible results. The charge time evolution is plotted and analyzed with a dedicated software.

  • Key Benefits

    Measurement is simple, fast and intuitive.

    Delivered with intuitive software, the charge is measured through the time. It also allows the comparison of results. Accessibility is password protected. All data are automatically collected and stored for post processing. Easy data transfer and automatic report generation.

    Closed system for safety requirements.

    Possibility to control the environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, selected gas).

    Recorded standard operating procedures increase the repeatability of measurements.

  • Description

    Granucharge quantifies the electrostatic behavior of a powder during a flow inside a device, such as a mixer, a silo or a conveyor. It contains a feeder, a conduit with a particular V-shape, a Faraday cup and an electrometer. All the components are integrated inside a closed system and are fully controlled by software.