Application Notes

Application Notes

Granutools has published many application notes. They are all available for our customers. If you are interested to review them, just let us know. Here are some examples:

Metal powders:

Interparticle cohesion in metal powders (Granuheap analysis)
Determination of flow ability and cohesion in metal powders using the Granudrum.
Spray-drying technique for modifying powder rheology analyzed with Granudrum powder rheometer and Granuheap.
Milling effect on the flow ability of a superconductor powder analyzed with Granudrum and Granupack.
Flowability and cohesion determination of metal powders using Granuheap and Granudrum.
Granudrum instrument to study the rheology of powders


Powder rheology of sugar blends using Granuheap and Granudrum.
Granuheap instrument as new tool for a fast and easy determination of the flow ability and the cohesion of a granular material
Flour flow properties modification by small particles addition (Granupack analysis)
Measurement of rice flow: Influence of grain shape on the flow (Granuflow analysis)
Effect of additive and drying on flour flowability using Granupack.
Granudrum for food industry.
Particles size, shape and flowability characterization using Granuflow.


Electrostatic and flowing properties of limestone and lime powders.


Ageing study of lactose’s blends by using dynamic compaction curves (Granupack analyses)
Dynamic Tap Density Tester as a useful tool for analyzing pharmaceutical powders (Granupack analyses)
Rheological Study of Blends for Dry Powder Inhalers (DPI) Applications (Granupack and Granudrum analyses)