Granular material density analyzer

Automated tapped density and compaction kinetics measurements
  • Principle

    Granupack is an automated instrument able to measure quickly and precisely the density curve versus the tap number. The obtained set of parameters provides information about both powder density and powder flowability.

  • Key Benefits

    Measurement is simple, fast and intuitive.

    The intuitive software calculates and reports physical data. The results obtained under various conditions can be compared. Accessibility is password protected. All data are automatically collected and stored for post processing. Easy data transfer and automatic report generation.

    Closed system for safety requirements.

    Size compatible with hood or confined enclosure.

    Size compatible with hood or confined enclosure.Recorded standard operating procedures increase the repeatability of measurements.

    Through the simplicity of its design, Granupack maximizes uptime. It is made out of modules, each of them can be swapped to avoid extensive diagnostics.

  • Description

    A cylindrical tube filled with powder is submitted to a mechanical tap constraint. A sensor measures the density curve and a software calculates the bulk density, the taped density, the Hausner index, the Carr index and a kinetic parameter.

    Analyzed volumes can vary from 10 to 1000cm3 using tubes of different sizes and materials.