GranuPack to Measure the Influence of Temperature On Polymer Powder Flow

Temperature influences drastically the physical properties of polymer powders. This effect is particularly critical for additive manufacturing methods based on selective layer melting.

In our paper recently published in Advanced Powder Technology, the packing dynamics of polymer powders at high temperature has been investigated with the GranuPack instrument, which is an improvement of the classical tapped density measurement.

We show that the packing dynamics is drastically influenced by temperature even far below the melting temperature Tm for semi-crystalline polymers and far below the glass-transition temperatures Tg for amorphous polymers.

Therefore, the packing dynamics measurement is a good candidate to quantify the effect of the temperature on polymer powders and is found to be more sensitive than the shear cell methods.


photo of the granupack instrument next to a graph showing the density vs the number of taps and next to Granutools and GRASP logos